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Are you addicted to porn?

Are you afraid you might be?

The truth is that porn addiction affects millions of people, both men and women. Although the number of people who admit to being addicted to porn are primarily men, you'd be surprised at how many women also say they suffer from porn addiction.

There are hosts of statistics out there to support the wide spread issue of porn addiction and porn abuse, especially on the internet. Here's some interesting and surprising stats compiled by mind Armor:

o Globally, porn is a $93 billion industry, of which around $13 billion comes from the U.S.
o 70% of porn site visits come during the 9 to 5 workday.
o As of October, 2008, ┬╝ of employees visit web porn sites during working hours, according to Neilson Online.
o About 83% of porn addicts are men, and 17% are women.
o About 87% of college men view porn, and about 37% of college women view porn.

So What? It's just harmless sexual release, right?

The Shocking Truth is That Porn Addiction is a Drug

There is a secret about porn and becoming addicted to it that most people never even consider. The fact is that when a person begins to abuse pornography, that is to watch more and more to increase their fix - just like a narcotic - it isn't just a mental thing.

Believe it or not, if you're addicted to porn, your body is actually manufacturing dopamine to give you a sort of high. This also has the added effect of causing other issues with the body's ability to properly absorb vitamins and minerals.

Porn addiction creates a chemical dependence just like the abuse of cocaine or heroin. The more you watch, the more hooked you become.

You actually get hooked on porn, just as if you were snorting or shooting up. Considering how large and profitable the porn industry is today - it makes you wonder who understands this best, doesn't it?

How Porn Addiction Screws up Your Life

Like any over use of something unproductive, porn can have long reaching effects. It could be argued, in fact that porn addiction is worse than a drug, because it is attached to sexual desire - the strongest motivation known.

In our studies and in interviews with our members, we have heard many stories and tales of woe. In fact, in a study by the American Council of Divorce Lawyers in 2004, porn was listed as the primary reason for divorces in about 50% of the 1 million divorce proceedings, and this trend has continued.

This means that over the past decade or so, 500,000 marriages each year have ended because of porn abuse or porn addiction. Of course, this is probably not entirely the case. However, even if only one-quarter of these supposed porn divorces were really because of porn, that means that more than 1.2 million marriages have ended in the past ten years due to porn.

Many of our clients say that they've lost jobs, opportunities, friends and intimate relationships because of their porn usage. Erectile dysfunction, social awkwardness, depression and other symptoms can also result.

The worst part is that the more a person who's addicted to porn feels bad, lonely, angry, etc. - the more they'll seek out the temporary comfort of porn - and the more shame, guilt and self-loathing they'll feel afterwards.

How to beat porn Addiction

There is no simple cure, no quick fix to getting over porn addiction. However, there is a step by step, day by day process. It involves daily mental exercise, a concerted effort to focus on other more positive things and a continuous program of eliminating the chemical processes that help keep a person addicted.

It is entirely possible to beat porn addiction. Not only that, the method we've discovered, tested and proven not only rids someone of their addiction - it actually replaces it with positive activity and renewed self-confidence.

Getting over porn addiction will:

o Create a sense of self-worth.
o Increase self-confidence.
o Provide the ability to start and maintain quality relationships, from work to friends to romantic.
o Generally result in a healthier body.
o Turn a negative into a positive.
o Eliminate the guilt, shame and self-loathing that comes from abusing porn.
o Establish good habits, great feelings and the power to achieve in all areas of life.

Isn't it worth knowing more?

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