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pamsu1. You can make up a lemon mixture that is sipped all day and is reported to make a good cure for bad breath. Take one fresh lemon and add a little sugar to the juice from it. Add a pinch of salt and then dilute it with water.

It was the ‘sign of a good doctor' if his surgical coat was stiff with dried blood. The illustrations in Kang and Pedersen's book — the syringes and pumps for enemas; the knives and prongs to cut through skin, poke through eyeballs and saw through bones — suggest instruments of medieval torture, rather than ways of making poorly people feel better.

BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) - Lawyers and activists say dozens of gay and transgender people in Azerbaijan have been swept up in raids in the capital of Baku this month and some were sentenced to up to 30 days in jail.

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To reverse these trends, CDC is calling on state and local health departments to refocus efforts in investigating these diseases and improving rapid testing and treatment capabilities. The CDC also recommends that providers make STD screening a standard part of medical care. (Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

Clinicians are often challenged with some problems the moment they start the process of coming up with the design of a treatment plan for syphilis. It is a microorganism that causes the condition known as syphilis, and it is called spirochete bacterium. For some reason, this gives many people the impression that treatment of syphilis is quite an uncomplicated process. Sadly, it is quite the opposite. Treatment strategies for this condition takes a lot of work and time since it can be quite tricky. As early as the diagnosis stage, you will find many challenges and obstacles in place, making your road that much trickier. You cannot expect this disease to be presented in a typical manner, as you would other diseases. You are therefore likely to have sweated quite a bit, before arriving at the right diagnosis. True, the microbiological tests that are carried out to diagnose this disease are straightforward enough. However, before these microbiological tests could be conducted, you must first have suspicions that syphilis is behind it. Suspecting syphilis is quite hard because the presentations of the disease do not directly allow one to connect the dots easily. Once you do eventually arrive at a diagnosis, you are likely to face further challenges designing a treatment plan, and those are the challenges we will now proceed to look at.

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You will have different patients to treat for this condition. Now the first challenge would be trying to find out how their respective conditions have advanced and what stage they are in. It becomes necessary to figure out how advanced the disease is because, when all is said and done, the appropriate treatment for 'uncomplicated' cases of the disease may not be appropriate for more advanced cases. The uncomplicated cases can be treated with a single dose of penicillin through the intramuscular route. The same medication has to be given through the intravenous route, for some 10 days, when dealing with advanced cases. It is important to make the necessary distinctions among the cases so you'd know which case to administer intravenously or intramuscularly, and which case should be given a single dose and which to give multiple doses. But the line between the easy cases and the complicated ones are blurry at best, making it difficult to make a differentiation.

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